Incipio Modo

The Procession 3

After bending various types of metal rounds into figurative rod sculptures, we have decided to work with stainless steel to fabricate the sculptural component of The Procession.

The Procession - Incipio Modo

We have found stainless steel to be superior to the other tested metals based on the following properties:

– Corrosion resistance
– High tensile strength
– Durability
– Temperature resistance
– Formability and fabrication
– Maintenance
– Appearance
– Lower environmental impact due to it’s enormous recyclability.

The Procession 3 - Incipio Modo

We placed the finished rods out in the rain for several weeks to test the corrosion resistance, and as expected, the steel rounds began to rust after short exposure to rain. The construction rebar used in the trial was also resistant to corrosion, but the heat and stress of welding the rebar together made it shatter, making stainless steel the better choice.

The Procession - Incipio Modo

Steel rod after 2 weeks of exposure to rain and sun vs stainless steel in the background.