The Procession by Incipio Modo

The Procession 4

A procession of figures representing real world casualties takes to the streets to confront and denounce the brutal systemic violence exacted upon victims of Mexico and throughout the world. With the notion that not everyone will venture into a museum or gallery, the Procession has two possible modes of engaging with its audience: a purely physical encounter when the figures take to the streets, and an emotional response when in a museum or gallery setting, where the figures come alive through striking audiovisual components to speak for themselves.

Exterior (streets)

The Procession by Incipio Modo
The Procession by Incipio Modo
The Procession by Incipio Modo

The outdoor installation iteration engenders spontaneous encounters and interactions with the figures in and of themselves.

Interior (museum/gallery)

Featuring forty-seven life-sized sculptures underscored by striking audiovisual elements, The Procession transfigures numbing statistical data into profoundly personal, emotionally resonant encounters between viewers and victims.

The Procession - Interior - by Incipio Modo

The indoor (museum/gallery) iteration features both figures and audiovisual components.

By distilling the crisis into human figures representing real-world casualties, The Procession compels an urgent and empathetic response, while simultaneously drawing attention to the ongoing, overarching calamity.


We made the model of the small town using two-part foam, styrofoam and plaster.

Maquette by Incipio Modo
Maquette by Incipio Modo
Maquette by Incipio Modo
Maquette by Incipio Modo
The Procession by Incipio Modo by
Maquette Photography - Ryan of RAD Creative - Incipio Modo

Then we called Ryan of Rad Creative to come and work his magic. Making small maquettes has always been fundamental to us when exploring a particular space or site. It allows us to understand the scale and the flow of pedestrians and transit, which in turn provides us a clear understanding of how the space functions.


Incipio Modo

The Procession 3

After bending various types of metal rounds into figurative rod sculptures, we have decided to work with stainless steel to fabricate the sculptural component of The Procession.

The Procession - Incipio Modo

We have found stainless steel to be superior to the other tested metals based on the following properties:

– Corrosion resistance
– High tensile strength
– Durability
– Temperature resistance
– Formability and fabrication
– Maintenance
– Appearance
– Lower environmental impact due to it’s enormous recyclability.

The Procession 3 - Incipio Modo

We placed the finished rods out in the rain for several weeks to test the corrosion resistance, and as expected, the steel rounds began to rust after short exposure to rain. The construction rebar used in the trial was also resistant to corrosion, but the heat and stress of welding the rebar together made it shatter, making stainless steel the better choice.

The Procession - Incipio Modo

Steel rod after 2 weeks of exposure to rain and sun vs stainless steel in the background.


The Procession 2

We are back in our studio to begin work on the figurative rod sculptures of The Procession. Through this exercise we will determine which is the best material to produce the rod sculptures during the next phase of the project.  For now, the work at hand is to fabricate 5 life size rod figures, using aluminum, steel, and rebar.

The selection criteria are based on:

– Weight
– Bendability
– Resistance
– Cost

The figures will travel during the third Phase of this project, which represents costs related to shipping, transportation, and storage of the figures, screens and multimedia related equipment.


– Aluminum round rod 1/2”
– Steel round rod ½”
– Construction Rebar
– Muslin

Template for The Procession by Incipio Modo
The Procession by Incipio Modo
Materials for The Procession by Incipio Modo
The Procession by Incipio Modo
The Procession by Incipio Modo
The Procession preparation by Incipio Modo


Aka universal bender

We bolted our industrial bender into the floor of our studio to begin testing rods of diverse materials.

The Procession by Incipio Modo
The Procession bending bars by Incipio Modo

Finished rod figure, prior to welding the sections together.

The Procession by Incipio Modo


– Aluminum breaks while bending, so it is not suitable for rod work in this project.
– We decided to work with a smaller steel round size. We are now using 3/8X36 steel round rods.

The Procession pipe bending by Incipio Modo
The Procession by Incipio Modo

The Procession

Edward Beltran and Danira Miralda

The Procession

Last year we lost a loved one to violence. As artists, we feel the need to respond to this with the strongest weapon we possess: Our Art. Art as a voice, as a healing force, as a manifestation of injustice.

The Procession is a sculptural installation that aims to denounce the systemic violence experienced by people in Mexico, and around the world by substituting the cold data behind statistics into a visual language that will connect the viewer to the reality of what those numbers really mean.

This project was born from the helplessness and outrage of losing a loved one to senseless violence. Through it we wish to heal, seek justice, and reclaim our voice.

Edward Beltran and Danira Miralda


Multidisciplinary Workshop for Kids

Multidisciplinary Workshop for Kids

(Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays)

We believe that in an ideal environment; with access to materials, tools and guidance, young artists are capable of materializing whatever their minds imagine.

This workshop is for kids who take ART very seriously.

Our workshops are ongoing, so kids can work at an individual pace and experience the different processes involved in artmaking. The weekly session is a moment where kids can unite with other like-minded creatives to talk about art and explore ideas, techniques, and materials. One project always leads to another, so the possibility of a continuous space where kids can develop their art skills naturally is at the core of how we work.


If you give young artists the liberty of making projects of their choice, you guarantee their ongoing engagement and participation. A creative kid in a studio is fearless and has no boundaries as to what is possible or not.

With our guidance and suggestions, the young artist develops the required skills to see their project through to completion. The journey provides new skills and the possibility to explore new ways of working. Any creative process is met with challenges that require continuous development in problem-solving skills and the employment of the various techniques, materials, and tools in the studio.

$150 / month
1.5 hrs. / week

Homeschoolers are welcome.