Poetics of Space

Sculpture Studio in Japanese Trolley, Mexico City

For a few years, we (Incipio Modo) worked from the interior of a Japanese trolley that we adapted as a sculpture studio. The trolley was parked in front of Plaza Luis Cabrera in the Roma district of Mexico City.

We worked in the public realm, both in the interior and exterior of the trolley, amongst the art galleries, cafes, fountains, shoemakers and street vendors. We were just another element in the streetscape and as such, we witnessed the City firsthand, while it pulsed with its daily activities, its familiar sounds, faces, and smells.

Our understanding of public space and place-making was shaped by this experience, and a desire to explore space physically and conceptually began to shape our practice. We began making public art soon after, and it has since become an important part of our artistic practice.

"There is this energy and aggression and speed in a city that lends itself to poetry"

~ Tom Chivers

Welcome to Incipio Modo

Welcome to our studio. We are two sculptors known as Incipio Modo, and through this blog you may follow the intricate process behind every work of art, in the place where it all happens: our Studio.

To learn a little more about the artists that form Incipio Modo, Danira Miralda and Edward Beltran, please visit the About Us page.

We focus our energies on several areas including Municipal projects, Corporate Commissions, Studio Work and Collaborative Projects with other artists. Please click the links above for more information on each area of focus.

Our website includes a Portfolio of some of our work including two major installations in the City of Calgary plus a variety of commissioned works. To view these works, select a project under Portfolio in the top navigation menu.

In addition, we have several completed works in our Studio Work section that we have decided to make available for purchase. These works range from diminutive pieces well suited for smaller spaces to substantial works well suited to larger areas. These works incorporate a wide variety of media and some unusual creative techniques. To view our currently available Studio Work, please Click Here.

Your involvement and feedback are encouraged and appreciated.

Thank You!

Danira & Edward