Sartorios Project

Size:  1.56 m X 40 cm X 44 cm
Media:  Bronze/sandblasted concrete
Date:  2007
Location:  Mexico City


Sartorius Laboratory produces high quality lab instruments for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries as well as for the academic sector. In 2007, we were commissioned to design and fabricate a work of art to be placed in front of the Sartorius Building Offices in Satélite, Mexico City. The Artwork needed to comply with the filters they produce and represent Mexico and Germany. I used some physical aspects of the filters and divided the sculpture into two sections – one represents Germany, and the other section represents Mexico. One section cannot function without the other, clearly a metaphor of the working relationship between the countries involved.


Danira’s artistic practice is very detailed and thorough with the commissions they take on. They are careful to consider every possible requirement. She is committed to getting the job done to the satisfaction of the client.

I would definitely recommend Danira Miralda’s services as a public sculptor to anyone who is looking for aesthetic excellence and a job well done.

~Director General