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Cuatro Cabezas artistic group

Rice Studio

Rotospace is an experiment in 360 degree sculpture projection and kinetic motion by Cuatro Cabezas. This newly formed collective is exploring how digital technology and sculpture enter into a dialog by augmenting one another while maintaining the unique attributes intrinsic to each form.

Cuatro Cabezas

Cuatro Cabezas (‘four heads’ in Spanish) is a newly-created artistic group consisting of sculptors, Danira Miralda and Edward Perez Beltran (Incipio Modo) and media artists Laura Anzola and Matthew Waddell (AZMA Digital).

Danira and Edward have been working collaboratively since 2010 on projects that range from abstract and figurative studio work to public art commissions, both in the built and natural environment. They both have a wide skill set in modelling, carving and designing.

Matthew and Laura have been involved with digital arts for the last eleven years, and have been working collaboratively since 2014, creating award-winning audiovisual design for theatre, as well as developing interactive installations, architectural projection mapping, animations, graphic design, and surround-sound audio works. Our work is shaped by our home countries of Mexico, Colombia and Canada and likewise the relationships we have with Spanish and English.

Cuatro Cabezas acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts