About Us

About Us

We are Incipio Modo, an artist team composed of Calgary sculptors, Danira Miralda and Edward Beltran.

For us, art is not the finished object. It is the deep and intricate journey of an idea that wants to manifest itself physically and understand itself conceptually. The process of making the artwork in the studio is a period of contemplation that is fundamental for an idea to mature into a work of Art that has the capacity to transport and transform.

We are often asked how it is we chose to become artists and the answer is, we didn’t…. Art chose us.

When Edward was 3 years old, he held modeling clay in his hands for the first time. He was transfixed by the feeling of the material and the things he could transform the clay into. He believed it was pure magic and carried balls of clay in his pant pockets in case he needed to create something on the spot- and he did, constantly.

As a young child, Danira discovered she possessed magical powers that allowed her to transform sand, snow, ice, a stick of butter, or a bar of soap into anything- and she did, incessantly. She didn’t ask for toys; she made them.

Art is not only something we love to do; it is something we need to do. It is still the source of our power and the language by which we express who we are and connect with the world.