Municipal Art

Seed Pod in Prairie Winds Park Calgary

Municipal Art

As public artists we approach every project through an analysis of four basic components: the vision of the commissioning body, the site, the budget and the community for whom the work is made. Only after these aspects are understood, can we as artists begin to react with a concept that will impact the space.

We see the changing seasons, the fluctuating pedestrian flow, and the natural changes in the environment as elements of design that we can use strategically to create an alternate reality that has the capacity to transport and transform.

While every public art project is unique in its geographical and cultural context, the end goal should always be an attempt at creating a public space that attracts people, builds community and enhances local identity.  Public art plays a critical role in creating an authentic sense of place that beckons us to contemplate and experience the world around us.

We fabricate the artwork ourselves, in our studio, and this process is a period of deep contemplation of the artwork, and an intimate understanding of the project conceptually, physically and technically.