Whale - Swansea Bay

Project Name: Whale

Location: Swansea Bay, South West Wales
Year: 2014

This project celebrates the marine life of the area in a monumental arch that emerges from the water, and enters back into it on the other side of the walkway. The arch is the spine of a whale, composed of many different sections that assemble to form the sculpture.

At night, the silhouette of the sculpture lights up like a sketch in the sky. This sculpture is a portal into the ocean; a whale jumping over the walkway, or a structural rainbow on the horizon.

This sculpture is a monumental arch that people may walk under and appreciate from either side of the walkway.

We propose to use the electricity generated by the tides in Swansea Bay to illuminate the silhouette of the piece. The illuminated contour of each vertebrae will light up at night and appear as a sketch in the sky.