The Swimmer

Project Name: The Swimmer

Location: Calgary
Completion Year: 2019
Media: Multimedia

Size: 38 x 25 x 21 cm

$2,250 ea CAD

This series of sculptures plays on the visual distortion created by water. As a universally recognized symbol, water in art has represented purification, renewal of life, purity and tranquility, but it is also tempestuous, impossible to control and unreliable. When I was making these pieces, I was intrigued by the mystery of water and the uncertainty of submerging and emerging into an unknown place or situation.

From ancient Athens and beyond, there is an undeniable tradition in the arts of depicting groups of bathers co existing with each other in the water or near by. Yet, in these sculptures, the water is present only as a visual illusion. The group of swimmers create the illusion of being in water by sharing a common offing, that clean flat line where the water meets the sky.

The Swimmers may be purchased individually or as a group. They have also been envisioned in large format.