Artwork Purchase Process


Do you see a sculpture you would like to acquire? Great!


It's really easy. Once you choose an artwork you would like to acquire, ensure it's placed on hold for you while reviewing the details with the artists by making a fully refundable $250 deposit. If you choose not to complete the purchase, we will be happy to make a full refund of your initial deposit.

We offer short-term financing!

We help you secure the artwork of your choice by offering monthly payment terms.
Ask us about the terms for the the artwork you are interested in acquiring.


Here are the steps to acquiring your new artwork.


1. Place selected artwork on reserve with a refundable deposit of $250 by clicking the green button.

2. Connect with us to review details and answer any questions you may have by clicking the blue button.

3. We'll send you a purchase agreement detailing the transaction details including shipping and insurance.

4. When all is signed, make the final payment to complete your purchase.


That's it! You are done!

You have now joined the list of people who know, first hand, the transformative powers of Art. Enjoy!