Study of Head

Project Name: Study of Head

Location: Calgary
Completion Year: 2019
Media: Available in Rigid Silicone Rubber and Bronze

Size: 65 x 24 x 18 cm

$6,000 ea CAD

This sculpture is an exercise whereby I have attempted to take human anatomy to the limit. I worked on this piece for 4 years. I was looking to retain the human anatomy, intact, as I modified the features and skull to unreal proportions.  This metamorphosis excited in me an emotion of urgent wonder that kept me working for so long. I broke the traditional margins of human morphology by breaking the lines in the features of the head that allow us to recognize it as a human head. Each change determined how the rest of the features needed to be to correspond to that distortion in particular. I gave myself absolute freedom during this exercise with the premise that the head had to retain all the necessary anatomical elements to be recognized as a head.

The journey was fascinating, and the most notable changes were recorded. This sculpture is the last proposal. I stopped here because I managed to retain the life of this head, despite the thinness of the skull.

This sculpture is also available in rigid urethane rubber in a variety of colours.