Project Name: IMPACTO

Location: Mexico City,Calgary
Completion Year: 2011 – 2015
Media: Bronze

$6,000 CAD

Cost includes:

– Packaging
– Shipping & handling
– Duties, Taxes
– Insurance
– Certificate of Authenticity

Through this body of work, we explore the multiplicity of the human form and how, in a given context or environment, the work takes on a different meaning and becomes a vehicle to cultural and existential introspection. Impacto, or impact in Spanish, discusses the relationship between humans and their environment, in a time where presence, connection and communication have been impacted by the use of technology. It is ironic that we live in an interconnected world, yet authentic human engagement is at a loss. Loneliness no longer implies the image of a solitary person and can be redefined as the inability to connect with one another directly, without the use of a technological device or the purpose of a common goal.

Since the beginning of time, human interaction has been fundamental to our survival as a species. This work attempts to illustrate and celebrate the power that direct human to human interaction generates. The sculpture describes the clash or spark that results from human contact and the reaction that is physically generated.

This work is interactive and can be assembled as desired. The small figures where created individually and can be interconnected with one another to create a desired composition or to represent the impact that occurs in the precise moment when the pieces physically react to one another. These figures are interdependent on each other for support and equilibrium, and metaphorically depend on one another to exist.