Study of Hand

Project Name: Study of Hand

Location: Calgary
Completion Year: 2018
Media: Bronze

Size: 60 x 32 x 9 cm

$5,500 CAD

This sculpture intends to reach the humanity in all of us and reveals the emotive aspect of human existence. It portrays the human hand as a tool to explore the unknown. By using distortion and exaggeration, I have attempted to visually describe the emotions behind the feeling of hesitation that overcomes us when faced before an unknown situation, person or thing. It is reaching out, uncertain of what will follow. The fingers stretch out to touch and discover, while the palm stays put. It is a snapshot of the moment where reluctance to do something takes over us. The hand shows vacillation, as if it wants to touch, yet remain at a distance at the same time. Once again, like in the other works of this series, this sculpture visually shows two time – frames, simultaneously.

This sculpture is also available in rigid urethane rubber in a variety of colours.